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Shoes For School

One of the issues MACG has been exploring addressing is poverty and the economic pressures Calgarians are facing. One of the ways poverty impacts people at this time of year is in having school supplies so that children can feel like they have dignity when they go to school. Below is a great initiative by Nicole Ragguette, a leader involved with MACG, and the owner of Royal Ambassador Professional Cleaning Services, a social enterprise that is working to hire neighbours who are facing economic challenges.

Hello friends,
My name is Nicole Ragguette and I am a community resident, small business owner and volunteer.It has come to my attention in speaking to a minister from the Berkshire Citadel Salvation Army Church that there are very limited resources to assist children with backpacks, and school supplies in Calgary. Also there are NO resources at all for children to receive new shoes or winter boots for the school year. As some of you may know all elementary children need indoor shoes also.
I have been approaching stores to match all donations. The goal is to provide as many supplies as possible and this can only be made possible through the generous donations of community residents , members and business owners like you.I would like to ask you all that can help with to make this possible please do so. Something happens to a child when they can have a new pair of shoes or backpack , a new lunchbag.

To donate shoes please contact
Nicole Ragguette Community Resident and Volunteer (403) 680-6995