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The Metro Alliance for the Common Good has had an exciting year of growth and development. Both of our action teams are making steady progress. Our reconciliation team is working towards the establishment of an indigenous gathering place in Calgary. Our Seniors team is gaining more and more support for the creation of a city wide program to connect seniors to the home support programs that they need to stay in their homes and communities. It has been exciting to see the growth in the leaders engaged in MACG. For many of our leaders, it is their first time engaging with city officials, their first time teaching community organizing or their first time that they have begun to image themselves as community leaders. Established leaders are using the skills of community organizing to discover new life and energy in their communities. In all of this, MACG continues to grow as an alliance. With this growth there is the development of our shared potential to transform our city into one that is compassionate and just.

In order to continue this work we also need your financial support. This is the time of year that many people contribute to work that will make a difference in people's lives or plan their giving for the coming year. In the midst of this we encourage you to consider giving financially to support the work of MACG. If you choose to contribute to support the charitable aspects of MACG's work this can be done through the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada (IAFC) which is how MACG is connected to similar organizations nationally. 100% of donations received by the IAFC for MACG will be used to support our local leadership development work and research into the issues we are tackling.


The Metro Alliance For the Common Good - Calgary (MACG - Calgary) brings together organizations and communities of Calgary to transform our city into a community which acts justly and respects all. MACG is directed by a team of leaders from participating institutions.

MACG was formed in association with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) the oldest and largest network of broad-based organizations in North America. Similar organizations exist in Vancouver and Edmonton (GEA, the Greater Edmonton Alliance). The Industrial Areas Foundation has been sponsoring these organizations throughout North America for many years, and has had a good deal of success. MACG - Calgary was originally organized mainly by religious groups and unions, with the unions, some churches, and Temple B’nai Tikvah putting up some money for start-up.

  • Create a network involving people from diverse religious, non-profit, labour, neighbourhood and ethnic groups to foster meaningful relationships with each other and their respective communities.
  • Develop leaders who can promote healthy and effective civic life
  • Effectively address the key justice issues facing Calgary
  • Harness the voice and the power of the people of Calgary to transform our city by addressing the systems, policies, and underlying causes of poverty and injustice.

NEXT PHASE OF MACG: Organizing the power of communities to shape a just and compassionate city.

To create a broad-based shared organization that is as diverse as Calgary, building relationships among organizations and people from various community, ethnic, non-profit, labour, and religious groups.
o Relationships strengthen community, and build the trust and co-operation that is the foundation not only for effective shared action, but also for the overall quality of life in Calgary.
o Particularly in times of mistrust and stress, organizations that build bridges and trust and include diverse sectors within a single group are vital to counteracting racism, discrimination and misunderstanding.

To strengthen our member organizations and their leaders in order to develop a healthy and effective civic life.
o Leadership is the key to organizational success. The healthier and more effective our leaders, the healthier and more effective will be our civic organizations.
o The healthier and more vibrant our civic sector and organizations, the healthier and more vibrant our city will be.

To use the principles and techniques of community organizing to effectively address the real issues facing Calgarians and our member organizations.
o Community organizing teaches skills of effective civic engagement, which in turn strengthens our local democratic system.
o A diverse and broad-based organization, together with the skills of community organizing, gives influence and voice to ordinary people, particularly those who are disenfranchised.
o The power of a broad-based organization, together with the principles and techniques of community organizing, enables us to not only take action on an issue, but to take effective action.


MACG depends on the commitment of its members in order to develop our shared capacity to make a positive difference in our city and province. This involves a commitment of people and money. Generally faith communities and non-profit members contribute 1-2% of their budget while unions contribute $3-5 per member. We also ask that your organization provide a leader who can act as a part of MACG’s leadership team. If this is more than your organization can afford, alternative arrangements can be negotiated.

MACG is directed by a team of leaders from participating institutions. It is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the oldest and largest network of broad-based organizations in North America. Along with the MACG - Calgary, the Greater Edmonton Alliance and the Metro Vancouver Alliance are all members of the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada.




You can now donate money to support the educational work of MACG through the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada. This can be done through Canada Helps by clinking on the link below and selecting the MACG Calgary fund

Matching Funding to Support MACG

Faith in Canada 150 is a project supported by a wide range of faith-based and other organizations, to celebrate the role of faith in our lives during this anniversary year. One of its initiatives, aimed at inspiring a culture of giving in our community, is called #Give150. If you sign up, you'll be given $10 to donate to the charity of your choice, and 1,000 Canadians will be given $150. That's where MACG comes in! This is a great opportunity to consider donating to support MACG's work - and double your impact at the same time!

You can sign up for this initiative at:
Give 150

Once you have signed up for the Chimp account you can direct your donation to MACG through the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada. You can also add money to your chimp account and send it later. Just include a note that your donation is for MACG's education research work. All money designated in this way will be used for local work here in Calgary. (If you have any questions please give me a call or send me an e-mail.)

MACG depends on the generosity of individuals like you to support our ongoing work, for communities and the common good. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Visit our Training Opportunities page for information about upcoming training and events.

Visit our news page to learn about the decisions made at our recent discernment assembly.


Ryan Andersen - or phone 403-993-7123

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